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Engineer Zheng Weiof College of Materials Presented High Performance in the 2015 Interlab Analysis & Test Competition
Updated: 2016-06-14
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To enhance the analysis and test abilities of college laboratories, guarantee analysis and test accuracy and improve the abilities of lab technicians, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Development Center and China Metrology and Accreditation College Board together launched The Interlab Analysis & Test Competition, which is a compulsory assessment for all the college labs holding the Laboratory Qualification Accreditation (Metrology Accreditation) Certificates.

Zheng Wei, an engineer of Public Laboratory of College of Materials attended the 2015 Interlab Analysis & Test Competition and obtained a “Satisfactory” result, which allows the institute to be exempt from site assessment when receiving accreditation assessment in next two years.

The Public Laboratory of College of Materials was established in 2012 and affiliated with the branch center of materials for Analysis and Test Center of Xiamen University. It took part in the assessment right the year it was established. With joint efforts of all the teachers, the laboratory obtained the China Metrology Accreditation (CMA) qualification successfully. As a nationally recognized laboratory, it can join in issuing trade certificates, making product quality judgment and doing achievement assessment, which will have legal effect.

Currently, the Public Laboratory has six instruments that are qualified for issuing third-party testing reports, including scanning electron microscopy, instrument for differential thermal analysis, oxygen and nitrogen measuring instrument, carbon and sulfur measuring instrument, universal material machine, optical microscope The lab technicians will take part in the campus quality assessment activity held by university test center to gradually improve the managerial level and analysis and test abilities. In 2015, it successfully passed the assessment for renewing the certificate.

The achievement of Zheng Wei not only won us honor, but also marked a level for the analysis and test abilities of the both Public Laboratory and College of Materials.

(Public Laboratory, College of Materials )


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