The College of Materials was established in May, 2007. It consists of two  departments, i.e., Dept. of Materials Science & Engineering and Dept. of  Biological Materials. The Dept. of Materials Science & Engineering dates  from the Dept. Materials Chemistry which was initiated across the country in  1986, the Dept. of Material Science was established in 1997 and renamed itself  the Dept. of Materials Science &Engineering in 2001. The predecessor of the  Dept. of Biological Material is the Research Center of Biomedical Engineering at  Xiamen University, established in 2002.
The College of Materials is strong in  the materials discipline.  The Materials Science &Engineering discipline is  the national 985 project and 211 project key discipline. Now, the college has a  first-level discipline of  Material Science and Engineering to award the  doctoral degree and seven second-level discipline of doctoral authorized  locations; it also has the right to grant master’s degree, which includes two  first-level disciplines—material science and engineering and biomedical  engineering, and eight second-level disciplines. It has a post-doctoral station  of material science and engineering. Biomedical Engineering discipline and  Materials Physics &Chemistry were rated as key subjects at the provincial  level; Materials science and engineering discipline was listed in the national  characteristic specialty. Materials discipline of Xiamen University has become  the top 1% material science ESI research institutions across the world.
The  college has established a strong contingent of high-quality teachers.There are  54 full-time teachers, 21 professors (including 18 doctoral supervisors) and 18  associate professors. there are 1 academician of Chinese academy of sciences, 1  Chinese academy of engineering, 2 winners of national outstanding youth science  funding,four of them are distinguished professors of “Min-Jiang Scholar”, and  another two received Xiamen University Distinguished Professorship; there are  also 4 professors who are members of the Ministry of Education's training  program for the Leading Figure for the New Century and 6 professors who are  members of the training program for the Leading Figure of Fujian Province for  the New Century.
The college has established inter-school cooperation with  over 30 universities and research institutes in United States, Japan, Germany,  France, Britain, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. The construction of the  Cross-strait New Material Technology Development Center by Material Society of  both sides has settled down in our college, promoting the further development of  the mainland-Taiwan communication .The college has undertaken more than 20  important international academic seminars and national conferences.
At  present, the college is striding towards the world famous high level research  institute.

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