A job fair for material science, chemical engineering and other related majors
Updated: 2017-03-16
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A professional campus job fair, sponsored jointly by the student employment guidance center, the College of materials and chemical engineering of XMU, was held in “Sanjiacun” studesquare for graduates of XMU on the morning of 10th, March, 2017.

This job fair attracted 82 famous enterprises, inlcuding some key state-owned enterprises like the Xiamen Tianma Microelectronics Co. Ltd., Sanda group, Xiamen Zhongkun chemical and Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (China) and other large enterprises from Xiamen, Beijing, Shenzhen, etc. The recruitment covered the various fields including material science, chemical engineering, human resources, jurisprudence, marketing, management, etc. It provided a number of employment and internship positions like R & D engineers, manufacturing engineers, marketing specialist, mechanical designer, purchasing specialist and reserve cadres.

Many graduate applicants had intense communications with the recruiters and had established in-depth understandings with each other. They regard this campus-job-fair as a great help as well as a good platform for their future professional lives. A staff from one of the participating companies in the job fair greatly affirmed the overall qualities of XMU’s graduates and said that the job fair is a good opportunity for the recruitment of enterprises, and it indeed not only provided more choices for our graduates but also beneficial for the companies to recruit talents.

Edited by: Liu Leyu

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