Dancing passionate dream, showing the glory of material——Recording 2017 Xiamen University Athletic Meeting
Updated: 2017-11-05
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On November 3rd and 4th, the 52nd Student Athletics Games, the 18th Staff Sports Games and the 26th Elderly  Physical Exercise Meeting of Xiamen University were held at the newly-built Yanwu Stadium in Siming Campus. The Games set up a number of competitions, including high jump, long jump, shot put, long distance running, dash, relay, team competitions and so on. The staffs  and students from college of materials prepared actively, struggled tenaciously, and finally achieved excellent results in the games.

On November 3th, each college square entered the venue in order at the opening ceremony. The material college team composed of staff and students athletes walked through the podium under the leadership of Party Secretary Wang Kangping, Dean Peng Dongliang, and Deputy Party Secretary Zhuang Xi.Look at our material, real material.Athletes highlighted the confidence to win with neat pace, loud slogan, and the positive fighting spirit was burning on the field. Our college performance team was performing a chopstick dance while moving. The dynamic and energetic dance showed the vigor and vitality of the college.

Our athletes struggled hard, shed sweat, sprinted toward honor, and achieved remarkable results. Year two undergraduate Zhong Jianhe won the fourth place in men's long jump; year one 2017 undergraduate Ye Guoxiang take the third place in men's triple jump, and ranked seventh in man's long jump , Year three undergraduate Huang Peng acquired in the second place at the man 110m hurdle race. In the graduate student competition, the year two master student Wang Mingqing won the fourth place in the men's 1500m, the year one master student Su Weihua won the 4th in the women's 400m, and the year one master student Wu Jieru ranked eighth in the women's long jump. Other athletes also demonstrated their strengths in their own projects, explaining the spirit of self-improvement.

Behind such a great event as the Games, thousands of selfless volunteers ensured the normal operation of the event. Our volunteers were active in the competition venues, arranged venues, distributed apparatus, pasted the number plate for the athletes, guided athletes to go to roll call, and took care of athletes after the match. Volunteers eliminated the worries of athletes with their own hard work and brought them warmth, which was praised by other students. Inside and outside the stadium, The Little Yellow Man, the blue runway and sky enhanced each other's beauty, forming a beautiful landscape.

In the sports meeting, the students not only felt the honor, but also the synergy of the companions and deeper understanding of the spirit of sports. Furthermore, this sports meeting will have a more profound influence, of which the students can persist in physical exercise in the future, promote the spirit of sports, and face with daily learning and live with a more healthy and full spirit.

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