Material College Cheerleading Squad Titled the Third Place in Eleventh Cheerleading Championship
Updated: 2017-11-19
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On November 18, 2017, the 11th Xiamen University Cheering Championship was held at Mingpei Stadium, with a total of 14 colleges participating in the competition, where the Material College team consists of 14 students.

The materials team is the fourth appearance. Against the background of red-silver garments, the team members won the approval of the judges and the applause of the audience with their fire-like enthusiasm, neat uniform action and high difficulty. The final material college cheerleader won the third prize with an excellent score of 429.5. After the match, the players excitedly hugged together to share the joy of success.

Behind the honor, the team members have been training hard for more than a month. Under the leadership of head coach Luo Songcheng, Xu Xinling and Zhong Jianhe, the cheerleaders actively prepared for the event. Whether the weather is hot or cold, plenty of time or compact, we can always see the players carefully trained figures. College also highly support this competition. Zhuang Xi, the deputy of party secretary, and deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League came to the training venue several times to watch and guide the players and encourage students. At the same time, college previous session cheerleading members Zou Mingye, Zhang Jingjing, Wang Chao and so on also often presented to guide the students training. The success of this time is tightly associated with everyone's joint efforts. This is also the material college cheerleading teams hard-working, hard-working spirit of the heritage.

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