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The 2018 School Anniversary Celebration Awards Ceremony was Successfully Held
Updated: 2018-06-24
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On the afternoon of April 19, the college of material's 2018 Anniversary Celebration Awards Ceremony was held in the multifunctional hall of Shengnuo Building. The guests attended this awarding ceremony including Mr. Yang Jie, the Director of Gol den Harvest Group; Jin Yong, Human Resources Manager of New Material Technology, Mr. Ye Yongping; Mr. Wang Zi, the Director of Xiamen Daping Industry Co.,Ltd; Mr. Gao Zhonghua Secretary of the Party Committee of Material college; Professor Luo Xuetao, Associate Dean of the College; Professor Shi Wei, Director of Department of Biomaterials ; Associate Professor Zhan Da, Deputy Director of Department of Biomaterials; Associate Professor Yao Rongqian, Deputy Director of department of Materials Science and Engineering; Mr. Du Chao, Secretary of the Communist Youth League Committee; Mr. Cao Liang, Deputy Secretary of the College Youth League Committee; Mrs. Ding Du, Graduate tutor, Mrs. Wu Yiyan, Teaching Secretary. In addition, there are more than 100 award-winning representatives students present.

The award ceremony kicked off with the solemn national anthem. Firstly,Du Chao,the secretary of the school's Communist Youth League delegation, introduced the present guests and expressed their sincere gratitude to the award-winning company. He hoped that the students would feel grateful, cherish honor, and redouble their efforts. Afterwards, Prof. Luo Xuetao, the deputy dean of the college, announced the 2018 celebration and recognition awards of the College of Materials of Xiamen University. The ceremony thus entered the most exciting awarding session. The Award Ceremony awarded the College of Materials Daping-Ronghua NaiMei Scholarship, Shenyang Chamber of Commerce Scholarship, ASUS Scholarship, An An Scholarship, and Jin Yong Scholarship. Gao Zhonghua, party secretary of the college, also issued a special memorial medal for the second material star in 2018. After awarding the award to the winning students, the award-winning student representative Li Xin, a 2015 graduate student, and Peng Cailin, a 2014 undergraduate student, delivered speeches, respectively. Li Xin sincerely expressed his gratitude to college, tutors and award-winning companies. In his graduating capacity, he reviewed the three-year research process of graduate students and shared the experience of overcoming difficulties. He also offered earnest suggestions to the junior students: try more, don’t be afraid of facing failure, be bold in jumping out of the comfort zone, and cherish campus life. Peng Cailin also reviewed the four-year growth and explained the significance to overcoming therisk of crisis by learning from his own experience. In the end, he stated that the leadership teacher of the College of Materials will always be the most solid backing and the widest rear of the material people.

Secretary Gao Zhonghua once again expressed his warmest congratulations to all the students who had awarded the honor of the 2018 Anniversary Scholarship and Material Star of Xiamen University Material School .And he sincerely thank the companies such as Jinhan Group Co., Ltd., Daping Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., Quanzhou ASUS Industrial Co., Ltd., Anan China Co., Ltd., Xiamen Shenyang Chamber of Commerce and other social organizations that had supported the development of the college for a long time.

Gao said: Our scholarships seem to reward the score, the achievement, but in essence we are rewarding the spirit of hard work behind them. Learning is a kind of labor, and laborers are the most beautiful.The winners are the most beautiful square, they are the most beautiful of the most beautiful.You can understand specialized skills only when you study hard. Diligence is the only path to the top of mountain of knowledge, hard-working is like a boat to the endless sea of learning. I hope that all students can continue to study assiduously. You will continue to make new achievements win awards one by one in the future!

It is reported that the College of Materials has followed the tradition of establishing scholarships since its establishment. It aims to reward outstanding students and encourage students to make continuous progress in their studies and researches. The companies pay attention to the growth of students majored in material, and they donate to support their studies. It not only gives material students positive recognition and encouragement, but also conveys the positive energy of high social responsibility.

(Youth Propaganda Center Xie Yibo)


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